Three Wheels Two Legs

"We have, therefore, taken the determination to

divert our thoughts by travelling."

- Hester Stanhope


We are two Adventurers passionate about travel, expedition, education and above all things: ethicality. 

Inspired by some of the worlds most formidable female explorers

we are on a mission to: inspire, educate and of course to travel.

We might be the queens of mishap, but, facing

adversity head on is the cloth we are cut from. 


Our Projects and Adventures


From Jinja to Jordan,
By any Means

Crossing the horn of Africa and onwards into the Levant. By any means necessary.


Do Good Be Kind

An ongoing collaborative project aiming to inform and promote conscious and ethical travel.


Three Wheels, Two Legs,
One Island

One month to circumnavigate Sri Lanka, The Pearl of the Indian Ocean.


The Rickshaw Run

From Gangtok to Kochi, over three thousand kilometres in fourteen days.


We are currently in our respective home countries of Norway and Scotland working hard to make sure our next three projects get going on schedule.