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Your Go-To Source for: Top Tips, Information, Opinion and Advice on making Conscious and Ethical Travel Choices.

We feel strongly about promoting conscious and ethical travel choice and enabling other adventurers, overseas-volunteers, explorers and travellers to be able to make informed choices for themselves.

With that in mind we began our Do Good Be Kind Project. Collaborating with: industry professionals, content creators, experienced travellers and drawing on our own experience and expertise we aim to provide a range of resources on relevant topics to encourage future travellers to think, learn, grow and discover. To question, themselves, the organisations they engage with, and the people they meet. To try and leave a positive lasting impact on the places they visit.

Most importantly however we want to let people know that we should all be going out into the world with the intention to Do Good and to Be Kind, aware of the consequences of our actions and choices, and prepared to Say No to experiences that may do more harm than good. 


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Erin Hynes

Alpaca My Bags is easy listening mixed with educative takeaways. Each episode provides listeners with the tools and information needed to travel the world responsibly.
Travel Writer, Erin Hynes, chats with guests about responsible travel and tourism. Topics covered include “dark” tourism, LGBTQ+ travel, sustainable travel, travel privilege, and what it means to travel “authentically.”

We do not in any way intend to shame, disparage or attack any particular individual or organisation: their choices or actions. Our intention is solely to promote and encourage ethical and conscious travel and the pursuit of such through questioning and informed decision making. The content of any: video, article, 'blog' style post or image series expresses the opinions of that individual or organisation. Though the content developed as a part of this project is a reflection of our personal: beliefs, values and ethos our sharing of it does not constitute our endorsement of that particular individual or organisation. If on viewing any content shown as a part of this project you feel that this is an inaccurate reflection of an organisation or of your own experience with them please contact us via our 'Get in Touch' page and any concerns, queries or disagreements will be sent to the appropriate parties and we will amend content where necessary.