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Covid-19 Rickshaw Run Update

So Covid-19 has thrown not just a spanner but a metaphorical toolbox into the works, and we’ve been busy figuring out new plans and working hard to make sure our rickshaw dreams become rickshaw reality.
So what have we done? Well we’ve moved our dates from August this year to September 2021, by which time *fingers crossed* things will have settled down and we’ll be able to travel again. At the moment this is hopefully, but a bit of hope can go a long way. We’re also turning our 2 week challenge into three incredible journeys! Want to know more? Click the link below.


Our Rickshaw Run Fundraising Page is Now Live!

Our Rickshaw Run Challenge isn't just an adventure we're doing it all to raise money for three incredible charities: Cool Earth, East African Playgrounds and The Wild Camel Protection Foundation. So click the button below to read more and, if you can, to part with some pennies! We are working hard to drum up the cash to fund the race costs ourselves so every cent of your donation goes towards these fantastic organisations!


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